Hi, I’m Rosa Ybarra.


I am one of two Senior Financial Planners with our firm.


I am a Rio Grande Valley (RGV) native and University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) alumni.


I recently moved back home after being a way for several years for college and work.  I made the decision to move back to the RGV to help the people of my community with their personal financial planning needs. You see, many people believe that only the ultra wealthy individuals need or can afford a financial planner. With my career and experience in financial planning, I want to be able to change this belief and service clients of all ages and incomes because I strongly believe that we all need some form of financial advice regardless of our asset base and stage in life. 


But let me tell you a little more about myself…


I come from a family of farmers and ranchers.


As you can imagine, we depended on the weather a lot and struggled financially when the weather didn’t work in our favor. Life was tough for us and we made many financial mistakes, like falling into massive credit card debt and not having an emergency savings fund. Although at the time I didn't know that I would eventually become a financial planner, I knew deep in my heart that I wanted to change my family's financial situation and wanted to make a difference in my family’s life and community with my career and education. Since then, I became a licensed Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.



"Love what you do. Invest in what you like. Find ways to improve yourself and others. Keep God present and your overall brand will increase in popularity"

- Rosa H. Ybarra MS, CFP (R)


The Boring Stuff ...


Rosa comes to Tranquility Financial Planning (TFP) with over 4 years of experience in the financial planning industry and is CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.  Before working with TFP, Rosa worked as the Director of Client Services for Imperium Wealth Management in San Antonio and has worked with the Southern District Office of the U.S. Treasury Department – Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) as well as Perryman Financial Advisory, a financial planning firm in Dallas, TX.
Rosa received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Finance from The University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) and received her Masters of Science in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University, one of the most prestigious financial planning programs in the country.
Rosa has achieved numerous accomplishments professionally and personally. While at UTPA, Rosa co-founded several student organizations including the Insurance & Financial Planning Association (IFPA) and the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALFPA). She was also part of an undergraduate team that won the ALPFA/ KPMG National Case Study Team competition in 2008, and was named the 2009 National Latina of the Year by Deloitte.