Hi, my name is Terrance K Martin Jr. ,  but my close friends call me T.


I was born in a small Eastern Caribbean country called, St. Kitts and Nevis.


Interesting fact about my country, Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of Treasury for the USA was born in my country and Thomas Jefferson, the 2nd US president's grandfather had an estate in my country as well.


I moved to the Texas in 2005, to pursue a BBA in Economics at Midwestern State University. I graduated in 2007 Summa Cum Laude and was lucky enough to get a very unique scholarship called the Good Neighbor Scholarship. With this is scholarship, I opted to do my MBA. This was the best idea or so I thought. 


While doing my MBA, I started trading Foreign Exchange, but then the recession hit, and I lost everything. Oh I also graduated one month before the Lehman Brothers Collapse. 


After graduating, I couldn't find a job and when I eventually did, I was an MBA that was truly under-employed. I was living on credit cards to supplement my income. You name the financial mistake, and I made it. Recall, I lost all of my money doing risky trades right as the economy collapsed in 2008. Well that was just one of the many stupid things that I did. You see even though, I had business degrees and even my MBA, I was never taught about how to use credit cards, how to invest, nothing of any real relevance. 


So from this point in life, I decided that I wanted to focus on helping people accumulate wealth and make better financial decisions. To accomplish this desire, I enrolled in the Personal Financial Planning doctoral program at Texas Tech University. In August, 2013, I graduated and became one of only 30 individuals in the entire country to hold such a degree. But that was nothing compared to what happened to me in 2010.


In 2010, I had a beautiful little girl, Nyah Olivia, while just beginning my PhD. I freaked out! I even had a mini stroke! Yes a stroke, I just did not know how I would support my family. I had no financial plan. SO I maxed out on student loans. Sigh! See, but guess what, I have learnt from every mistake that I made, and I have devoted the rest of my life to make sure YOU never have to. 



"It takes financial knowledge to know that you are making financial mistakes."

- Terrance K Martin Jr. PhD., MBA


The Boring Stuff...


Terrance is now an  award winning researcher and assistant professor of finance and doctoral faculty at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in Edinburg, Texas. At the university, Terrance teaches courses in corporate and household finance. His research focuses on financial advice and financial decision making. In the community, Dr. Martin advocates for improved financial literacy and has raised over $100,000 in two years to help support his efforts of improving financial decisions among low income individuals. His research has been featured on, CNBC, CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, WalletHub, the Wallstreet Journal as well several newspapers and magazines across the United States of America. Additionally, he has done several TV interviews for local network TV stations of FOX, Entravision, ABC, and even TBN. Lastly, Terrance has presented research and been an invited speaker at several National and International Conferences and symposiums in the USA, Europe, and Argentina.